Marine Upholstery in Clearwater, FL

Marine Upholstery in Clearwater FL

Marine Upholstery in Clearwater, FL

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Are you searching for handcrafted marine upholstery in Clearwater, FL that exceeds all expectations? Trimming Edge Upholstery has you covered! Whether renovating the interior of your boat or restoring its former glory – our talented artisans are here to meet all of your marine upholstery needs and exceed them all!

Trimming Edge Upholstery understands your marine upholstery in Clearwater, FL needs and understands the unique requirements of boat upholstery.

Saltwater, sunlight and Clearwater weather conditions can wreak havoc on its appearance – Trimming Edge Upholstery has services designed to restore not only aesthetic appeal but also extend longevity and durability of boat upholstery.

Boat Seat Upholstery

Your boat seats should not only fulfill their practical function; they should also serve as focal points of comfort and style. Our team can expertly craft and upholster marine-grade seating that will offer maximum support while remaining luxuriously comfortable for you and your guests.

Canvas Tops And Covers

Safeguard your investment with custom canvas tops and covers from us. From bimini tops to full boat covers, our tailor-made solutions protect both the interior and exterior surfaces of your boat in perfect condition.

Interior And Exterior Upholstery

Looking to upgrade the interior lounge areas or add luxury to the exterior of your boat? Our highly trained artisans are on hand to bring your visions to fruition using high-grade materials that stand out elegantly while remaining durable.


Your boat reflects who you are, which is why we provide numerous customization options such as colors and materials to express yourself creatively and bring your ideas to life. Get in touch today for more information or a consultation session and connect to get more info!

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Why Is Marine Upholstery Important In Clearwater, FL?

Marine upholstery plays an essential role along the Gulf in Clearwater, FL where saltwater, sun and humidity combine to threaten both longevity and comfort for marine vessels. Clearwater’s coastal environment may be breathtaking but also puts boats and yachts under unique stressors.

Salty air, high humidity, and intense sunlight in this region can quickly degrade unprotected upholstery materials, rendering boats vulnerable to the harsh Gulf environment. Marine upholstery designed specifically to withstand such environmental factors provides boats with protection against its harsh conditions – with boat owners using marine-grade fabrics and coatings they ensure their vessels remain both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Trimming Edge Upholstery in Pinellas stands out as an upholstery team dedicated to excellence in all areas. Our guarantee backs this up! 

What Makes Us Different When It Comes To The Boat Upholstery Business?


Our artisans possess years of expertise crafting Marine upholstery in Clearwater, FL. They understand the materials, marine environments and precision stitching requirements needed for flawless results.

Trimming Edge Upholstery sources only the highest-grade marine-grade materials designed to withstand the challenging sea environment and keep your boat upholstery beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Custom Solutions

At our core, we believe in the power of personalization. Every boat is different and so our services can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements – be they classic or bold designs.

Trimming Edge Upholstery takes pride in paying careful attention to every last detail – from material selection and stitching precision, all the way through our meticulous service delivery process that produces results that exceed our customers’ expectations. Check out some of our past work in our Projects Section!

Do Not Allow Damage To Linger, Call Us Now!

Don’t allow the harsh marine environment to damage the interior of your boat’s cabin – choose Trimming Edge Upholstery as your trusted partner for marine upholstery solutions in Clearwater, FL! Our team can work with you to turn your vision into reality! Launch into the journey of transforming your boat’s interior with Trimming Edge Upholstery’s signature touch in Clearwater, FL’s waters – and enjoy it all the while! Experience Trimming Edge’s signature brand of upholstery service as you navigate Gulf waters in unrivaled style!

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Revitalize your boat or jet ski upholstery with our specialized services. Marine upholstery often suffers from sun, wind, and rain exposure, deteriorating and looking weathered within a few years. With our experienced professionals at the helm, we can make your boat upholstery look like new. We specialize in custom fabrication, travel and snap covers, and boat woodwork. Our extensive portfolio showcases numerous satisfied clients who have benefitted from our range of services, including:

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