How To Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

leather car seats

How To Keep Leather Car Seats Cool

You know that hot seats are imminent if you’ve ever climbed into your car during a scorching hot day. Leather car seats, cool in appearance and luxurious by nature, unfortunately, become quite hot when the sun is out. While leather boasts numerous advantages like a more luxurious aesthetic, straightforward cleaning, and maintenance, as well as a bolstered resale price, its propensity to get warm is undeniable. To counteract this, we’ve uncovered some simple strategies to maintain leather car seats cool even on the hottest of days.


You can keep leather seats cool by doing a variety of things. Here are a few of our best tips:

Add VENTILATED SEATS TO Your Leather Interior!

Our ventilated seating solution, Degreez, ensures your leather car seats cool down effectively during those scorching summer days. Our exclusive OEM-quality temperature control system can be seamlessly integrated into your premium leather interior at the time of leather installation. This high-tech heating and cooling system boasts three levels of air-conditioned luxury. With a simple switch, you can also heat the seats to three distinct levels during colder times. Unlike conventional methods, the Degreez system doesn’t merely rely on fans to circulate ambient air. Its advanced cooling technology actively cools air, reducing temperatures by up to 15 degrees, making it the premier choice against intense Summer heat. This feature is compatible with nearly all vehicle interiors.

Choose a lighter interior color for the seats.

It may not come as a surprise to you, but the darker your interior color is, the more heat the material absorbs. You may want to consider replacing the black or dark gray cloth with lighter colored leather if you live in an area that is hot. You can create leather seats in lighter colors that will not retain heat as much as dark leather seats. If this is a concern, our design specialists will work with you in order to come up with a solution. It’s a popular choice right now, and won’t retain heat as much as black. Some people also choose red or black seats.


The dark surfaces of your car can absorb heat when it is trapped. You can allow the heat to escape by leaving your car window cracked, even a tiny bit. You can also open the sunroof if your car has one to create a cross-breeze and cool airflow.


Solar fans can be used in conjunction with slightly open car windows to drive out hot air and bring in cool air. Most solar fans are powered by batteries. This means you can have an alternative power source if necessary. You can use the sun to cool your leather seats by using a solar fan.

The solar fans are easy to mount on the car windows. Attach the fan so that its face is facing inside your vehicle. For the fan to work best, you need to lower your car’s window by at least an inch. The air in your car will also be much fresher, as the fan is always moving it around.

It may seem obvious, but turn on your air conditioning!

As soon as you get into your car, turn on the air conditioning at its highest setting and immediately lower all your windows. The trapped hot air will be able to escape your car, allowing the cooling process to proceed faster. As soon as you feel the temperature of your car cooling down, roll your windows up. Change your air conditioning setting to the one that is most comfortable for you.


It’s not possible to park in a shaded area all the time, but you should try to do so if you have the option. This is one of the best methods to keep leather seats cool. Direct sunlight on the interior surfaces of your car, whether they are leather or fabric, can cause temperatures to rise.


Add a shade on your windshield to protect your interior surfaces, including your seats, dash and consoles. It is an excellent way to keep leather seats cool in the summer sun. Reflective shades can bounce heat off your windshield, keeping it from accumulating inside.

Window visors can also help keep your leather seats cool. These visors can be made from acrylic or plastic. They can also be attached directly to the windows of your vehicle to prevent intense light from entering your car. This will prevent your car and its seats from becoming too hot.

leather car seats


Check with your state for the laws regarding window tinting. If they are allowed, tinted glass is a great option. Not only do they reduce the amount of heat entering your vehicle, but also protect your interior surfaces against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

How to keep leather seats cool Concluding

While hot weather is a constant challenge, there are many ways to make driving as comfortable as you can. When you call, be sure to inquire about the ventilated seat option. You’ll love driving even more! Create your own leather seats now!

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